HCP has the best in class human capital with a deep knowledge of products and industries that they serve. Our team members have high-pedigree academic and professional backgrounds and have been associated with reputed corporate houses and investment banks. 

Our team possesses a meticulous, first-hand understanding of issues - as wide ranging as financial structuring, legal consideration, cultural fitment and post merger integration – a hallmark of our high quality, independent advice. HCP is among the handful of mid-market consultants with a physical presence across global financial centers with domestic offices in Las Vegas, New Jersey and senior team members in Florida, Atlanta, San Diego and San Francisco. 

We also have an extensive network of relationships across all major geographies in the world, comprising of leading Small to Mid-Market and Large Cap investment banks in addition to sector-focused boutiques. This, coupled with our strong corporate and global investor relationships, has made us a trusted partner for overseas capital raising and cross border M&A for large, Mid Cap, Small and Micro Cap companies. 

HCP has, arguably, the widest product suite to serve small and Mid-Market companies both in the US and in all Emerging Economies. Our capabilities cut across domestic and cross border M&A, PE Syndication, AIM listings, FCCB issuances, IPOs, QIPs and GDRs. The ability to give our small and Mid-Market clients the widest choices to pursue their strategic objectives is the bedrock of our commitment to their growth.


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