HCP only engages individuals whom have bulge bracket experience combined with outstanding academic qualifications. Our path to recruitment has developed over a number of years, and as a response to the requests and requirements of our clients. Candidates are attracted to HCP for the opportunity to work on complex and challenging assignments - combined with the deep experience that working within a small team delivers. Our model is to have fewer high quality individuals that team with the client than play the ‘bait and switch’ game of larger institutions who leave mid level professionals to manage transactions once the work is won. We believe that our engagement model allows clients to have confidence that access to the highest quality thinking is assured at all times.

Brian P. Kelly - Managing Partner                                   Mr. Kelly has a long and successful track record working with private and publicly traded companies of all sizes and across a wide range of industries, including technology, industrial, financial, medical, energy and business services. He is responsible for overseeing the collective efforts... Read More

Adam Goldberg - Managing Director                           Mr. Goldberg is the head of strategy and corporate development at Hallmark Capital Partners, a role he held at Towers Perrin prior to its merger with Watson Wyatt. This group helps the company develop and execute on its strategy by evaluating and pursuing internal... Read More

Christine Adams - Managing Director                           Ms. Adams, handles Hallmark Capital Partners Operations as well as providing corporate support to the consulting practices. She coordinates practice-level strategic planning and budgeting, manages strategic initiatives, evaluates corporate financials... Read More

David Zuckerman - Director                                       .... Mr. Zuckerman, a director at Hallmark Capital Partners, has over nine years of restructuring and financial advisory experience. He has experience across numerous industry sectors, including energy, automotive, business and industrial services, manufacturing and airlines. Read More

Christopher Williams Director                                             Mr. Williams has worked in both restructuring/reorganization and management consulting across a variety of industries including healthcare, pharmaceuticals, retail and manufacturing and support services. His expertise includes Read More

Jesse Portillo - Director                                            Mr. Portillo is a Director at Hallmark Capital Partners, and is responsible for the Hispanic Outreach in media, marketing, M&A, Private Equity and Business Consulting. We firmly believe this is one of the fastest growing sectors in the future and we are pleased to have... Read More

Alan Zeppenfeld - Director                                        Mr. Zeppenfeld, has an extensive background in business management, administrative operations, lease administration, asset management, business development and collections. Mr. Zeppenfeld began his career at GTE Data Services and General Electric. Read More

Jack Swiatek - Director                                            Mr. Swiatek is a Director of Hallmark Capital Partners, he handles many different types of immigration matters. While routinely helping individuals and early-stage technology companies in their immigration needs for founders and staff, he has also assisted numerous professionals... Read More

News Items

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