Christine Adams - Managing Director

Ms. Adams, handles Hallmark Capital Partners Operations as well as providing corporate support to the consulting practices. She coordinates practice-level strategic planning and budgeting, manages strategic initiatives, evaluates corporate financials, and conducts analysis for corporate leadership and Board of Directors presentations.

Prior to Hallmark Capital Partners she worked at Charles River Associates. Her work has focused on financial analysis in the context of litigation, and she is experienced in working with complex financial and valuation models and regression analysis. She has also focused on the financial and economic issues of business strategy. Ms. Adams has managed projects involving market size/growth/profitability, competitive positioning, resource allocation, product pricing, and new product potential. Ms. Adams has worked on matters in a wide range of industries, including power equipment, adhesives, waste disposal, oil, transportation, retail, financial services, and pharmaceuticals. Ms. Adams has her MBA from Columbia Business School and her BA in Economics from Villanova University.

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