Jesse Portillo - Director

Mr. Portillo is a Director at Hallmark Capital Partners, and is responsible for the Hispanic Outreach in media, marketing, M&A, Private Equity and Business Consulting. We firmly believe this is one of the fastest growing sectors in the future and we are pleased to have Mr. Portillo on our team with his extensive knowledge and communication skills that are germane to this genre.

Mr. Portillo is also the owner of Big Radio Pro Inc. which is a Hispanic Broadcast company that was set up for the purpose of consolidating and acquiring radio broadcast properties in small and medium sized markets with the opportunity to not only program Spanish language formats, but to also expand out Hispanic consulting practice exponentially using that platform. Mr. Portillo’s experience of working in Oxnard, Bakersfield, Fresno, Santa Maria, Salinas, San Francisco, Los Angeles CA, and other states like Phoenix AZ, Albuquerque NM, Tri-cities Washington, achieving #1station in every market he has been having the privilege to work for. In 2012 became a Life Coach graduated from Choice Center University Jesse learned the Power of Emotional Intelligence and Leadership, together with his passion for radio and communications enable him to support his community outreach becoming a Business Consultant for MCSC corporation a non-profit organization supported by SBA making a difference for the Hispanic Community’s small business owner, under achieving business owners, Minority Women Entrepreneurs and unemployed persons to support them with Leadership Classes and Marketing Basics for the success of their business. Jesse as an entrepreneur established his consulting and production service company Big Radio Pro Inc. in 1995. Mr. Portillo is a Graduate from Columbia School of Broadcasting.

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