William P. Kelly - Director

Mr. Kelly is a Director of Hallmark Capital Partners, he is responsible for providing strategic advice and oversight to the small and middle market clients of Hallmark Capital Partners, ensuring their internal protocols are set up for success.


Prior to joining us Mr. Kelly was a senior member of United States Client Operations (USCO) for Xerox, where he spent over 30 years working on his career.  The experience with Xerox serving in the following positions has been invaluable for both new and seasoned companies to maximize there full potentials:  Technical Representative, Customer Service Manager, Branch Operations Controller, Sales Representative, and Major Account Manager, Manager of Administrative Management Training, and on the Xerox Corporate Communications staff, as Manager and Internal Communications.


Mr. Kelly was a regional sales manager for GWR Medical, Inc of Chadds Ford, PA.  He hired and managed a medical device sales force in the states of FL, GA, AL, MS, to LA to sell Topical Oxygen Therapy – a medical therapy used to close recalcitrant wounds such as, diabetic foot ulcers, sacral ulcers, sternum wounds and other difficult to heal wounds.


More recently, Bill has been volunteer Director of The Our Family Program. Classes at The Our Family Program help students develop   English Fluency and Life Skill proficiency while the Leadership component of the Our Family Program, “Latinas Comprometidas” empowers and trains students in Management and Leadership skills. 


Mr. Kelly earned a BA, Economics from Rutgers University, New Jersey and an MA in Communications from the School of Corporate and Political Communication at Fairfield University in Connecticut.  His graduate thesis was on human communication and the implementation of Office Automation Technology.


Military Service:  Mr. Kelly is an honorably discharged veteran of the United States Air Force.  He holds an Extra Class Amateur Radio License - AG4FT.

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